JCrabb Photography provides a wide variety of photography services

  • Photojournalism
  • Portrait Photography
  • Advertising - catalog, brochure, web, etc.
  • Public Relations
  • Political Campaigns
  • Aerial Photography (Helicopter or Fixed-Wing Aircraft)
  • On-location Commercial and Industrial Photography
  • Event Photography (Journalistic Style)

 Specific prices are available upon request

Listed here is basic information regarding photography fees

Most of my work is charged on a per hour or day rate plus expenses or on a per shot basis. Portrait photos involve a sitting fee that reflects the time needed to complete the actual photography. We offer several packages that include previews, enlargements, electronic downloads, etc.

Photoshop edited ready to use images and raw files can be provide on CD, DVD, and/or flash drive. Electronic files can be uploaded to your site or downloaded from our server. Pictures on our site will be available on a private, password protected web site created specifically for you. The webpage address and password will be provided to you after the photo session.  Most file formats (jpg, tiff, gif, psd, etc.) are available.

Aerial Photography is double the hourly rate plus the actual aircraft and pilot expenses. JCrabb Photography retains the right to accept the aircraft and pilot provided.

All photographic reproduction rights remain with the photographer unless contracted otherwise.  One-time printing or publishing rights will be negotiated for editorial use, which means a one-time printing run and does not pertain to images used in advertising or any other purpose. 

If you want to share unlimited publication rights with the photographer. In-house publications are the exception, with unlimited publication rights granted for in-house editorial uses, such as corporate or governmental publications.  Rights for images used for advertising or any other purpose will be negotiated. 

Price quotes available for special projects

NC Photographer Privilege License No. 400133445


 Any usage, modification, duplication in whole or in part, is not permitted without prior written consent.